Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Once again, it is time to post one of my birthday photos from waaaaaayyyyyy back.
This one was taken the year I turned three!  hahaha.
Auntie Helen made the cake, which I adored because it was a horse.  It was covered in Lifesavers and had licorice whips for the bridle and tail.  If I remember right, it was also covered in coconut flake.
This was October 1975...before we had carpet on the floor...
and before my little sister was born.

Well, I'm not three anymore...I'm entering the last year of my thirties!
I took a bike ride today...something I haven't done since the boys were little munchkins in the pull behind trailers.  It felt great. 
One thing I can say for having children while I was still quite young:  now that they are starting to wander farther from home and needing me less...I'm still young enough to enjoy a lot of the hobbies I put on hold.  Maybe some moms don't put their lives on the back burner the way I did...but I found motherhood a bit overwhelming and it took all I had just to cope the first several years.  So now I'm teaching myself how to count myself into the equation.  It's all new again.  :) 
Looking forward to another good trip around the sun!


Spinners End Farm said...

Happy Birthday Sabrina! You were a very cute three year old.

Forties have been the creative years for me- I've learned lots so far and I'm just settling in to them so nothing to worry about.

:) Sherry

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, you spring chicken, you! I'm facing 50 in less than a month, and now I know why having kids younger is a popular idea. A nine-year-old and perimenopause are not a good combo!

Karen B. said...

Happy birthday, Miss Sabrina! You are young, enjoy your boys' growing independence as well as a little freedom!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!