Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Ewes

It has been so long since I've taken pics of the sheep.  Last evening Clancy helped me get larger coats on all the girls, which means I got my hands on those fleeces!   Today was gray...and I had to 'brighten' a few of the photos just to see the eyes of the black sheep...but I felt compelled to snap a few photos anyway so I could record the things I noticed yesterday.

Above is coming 2 year old, Esyllt. (Whitepine Arvada x LRO January).  Her fleece was softer than I expected...and longer than most in my flock.  I'm looking forward to getting micron data on this girl. 
Carys will be 2 this spring as well.  She is practically identical to her 2 white full-sisters in the flock.  Nice white wool. 
Lyneth, the fattest of the sisters.  :)
River Oaks Lana and her daughter, Penelope.  Pen still is not tame, but was easily caught with some oats.  Happy with her fleece.
Vianne in the background...pretty girl!  Hannah, and Justina upfront.
Nhu, my only katmoget daughter from AnnaBelle.  So soft.
River Oaks Hannah...super friendly and lovely fleece.
River Oaks Lana.  So refined.
Little Justina...my only S'more Courante daughter.  I was not disappointed with that coal black fleece under her coat.  She is also a sweetheart.

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