Sunday, January 29, 2012

Work in Progress Mouse

I should have used some wire to create a form to build this mouse on.  But I didn't have any wire around so I just started...leaving me with a standing mouse that couldn't support itself on its tiny back legs.  So then I had to create props to stabilize him.

The cheese and crackers are not completed.  I do want to add some detail to make it more realistic.  And Clancy offered to make a small wood cutting board to display the sculpture if someone set out a snack and this little mouse found it.

I'll post another pic when I get it all put together.


Michelle said...

Wow, you just keep getting BETTER! That is REALLY good, and will fly off the "shelf" with a cutting board. Price it accordingly!

Spinners End Farm said...

Oh my goodness that is just TOO cute! You really captured the spirit of that wee mousey.

Kelly Bartels said...

This is fabulous!!! I thought the bunny was lovely, but this steps it up another level to WOW. I'm suitably impressed Sabrina.
Can you felt something for our "display kit" project???

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you!

Yes to your question, Kelly. Needle felting different grades of wool is a very dramatic way to "feel" the difference between them. In my VERY LIMITED experience it seems that one can add more detail with the finer wool...the course stuff has so much hair sticking out that I find it hard to get those strands to "become" part of the sculpture without trimming with scissors. But the fine stuff has been perfect for animals...and makes them wonderfully touchable. :)