Friday, March 30, 2012

Dakota Carding & Wool

A sweet surprise came in the mail this week...
Kelly Knispel, owner of
sent me two sample bags from her mill.  She bought Sian and Hannah's fleeces from me last year.  She mixed Sian's black wool with black alpaca from Iowa and black kid mohair from her own farm to produce a lovely soft blend.  Hannah's fleece was carded with tussah silk and this turned out beautifully as well.  I feel so honored to see what these two fleeces became.
Thank you so much, Kelly!
Dakota Carding & Wool produces clouds, which I was unfamiliar with.  But the two large samples that I received are gorgeous and I have found them easy to spin on my spindle.  Easier for me than roving, actually.  Both samples were exceptionally clean as well. 
I'm so impressed with these blends, I recommend that you check out Kelly's link above and consider her mill for your next fleece processing.

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