Monday, May 25, 2009


Jchen is the youngest lamb in the flock. Oh, how I wanted him to be a ewe lamb. It only took a minute to realize he was a ram lamb. So then I wished that he would prove to be a half-poll. Sian is one of my very best ewes and I'm eager to keep a half-poll ram lamb from her and Bombarde. No luck...Jchen appears to have horns just as solid as the Unicorn offspring. So now I get to hope his horns come in nice and wide. Third time's a charm?
If I wasn't going toward polled stock-Jchen would be replacing his sire here. But alas...those horns.
Jchen carries moorit and spotting. He is from two of my best sheep. Sian is three years old and only just starting to get a little iset by her tail. Otherwise she is solid, lustrous black and her fleece is soft. How soft? I'm sending in fleece samples tomorrow for micron testing-so I can post those once they come back.
Jchen is friendly, as in he readily approaches me, but I never scratch or pet my ram lambs so he is not being rewarded for his boldness. He also has lovely, uniform, Bombarde-type crimp. His halo of brownish newborn hair on his rump is becoming less prominent as his wool comes in.

Jchen is only just 3 weeks old-too young for me to know he will be a great ram. But if he passes inspection here in a few months, my son (Jchen's owner) will likely offer him for sale.


Gail V said...

Nice looking lambies, Sabrina, and nice portraits/descriptions of those adult sheep in the last post!I really like several of them, and your writing.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Thank you so much, Gail.