Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yearling Ewes

This is my hopeful group-the yearling ewes. They will be put with rams for the first time this fall; and if all goes well, each should give me at least one lamb next spring.
Boston Lake Lyneth is my best yearling. She has the whole package plus gorgeous fleece. I even think she carries polled as she has deep depressions in her skull. She is licking mineral in the first picture.
In the second photo she is showing off her tiny tail and wide back end. That tail shadow is misleading-biggify to see how tiny her tail really is.
Boston Lake Nhu is Lyneth's twin. She is equally as wonderful, but she has a narrow doe-like appearance as compared to Lyneth's stout look. Nhu has beautiful blue fleece and wide hindquarters/tiny tail. She is very elegant.
Boston Lake Duvie surprised me this week. I finally got around to assessing a few more fleeces. Hers was softer than I expected-and not really black. I compared it to two other black fleeces and it was not like them. What color is it? I really don't know. My first thought was dark brown because it just didn't strike me as shaela. I'll have to take some photos and see what others think. I knew there was a good chance she could be modified, but I had stopped thinking about it a long time ago. Duvie is stout and friendly, just like her dam. I like that about her.
White Pine Silverthorne pleased me quite a bit when I saw her after her first shearing. She is very petite compared to the rest of my flock, and that always makes me think of her as young. But I like her square shape. When her head is up she has a perfect rectangle to her body profile. Her fleece is more curly than crimpy, but it is uniform excepting the britch. I'm going to send in her fleece for micron testing and see what that says. Truthfully, I haven't pulled her fleece out of the bag Susan put it in on shearing day so I can't really describe it's handle yet.
Silvy has such a pretty face.


Juliann said...

Very nice yearlings!
Some of mine are stout and boxy, and some more deer-like and delicate, also. I like them both.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I do too.

The stout and wide ones seem more impressive. But the deer-like girls are so lovely and refined.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

They are all lovely, but I agree, Lyneth is really special!