Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Sextant was the first lamb born this spring on April 18.  I put that little green lamb coat on him after he was dried off.  He swam in it.  Now, just three weeks later he has ripped himself out of the back legs and the thing is dangling like the tattered clothes of the "Incredible Hulk."  Don't worry, shortly after I took this photo I cornered him in the barn and removed the coat entirely. 

This photo may seem an odd choice for a Mother's Day sentiment.  But if there is anything so poignant about being a mother, it is the undeniable fact that children grow  A recent cartoon in the newspaper, (either ZITS or Arlo & Janis...sorry, they both feature a typical teenage son with frazzled parents)  captured the experience perfectly with the words, "The days are long...but the years are short."
So true. 

I took a good long look at my sons yesterday as they were doing yard/farm spring clean-up work.  (The best Mother's Day present EVER!)  I cannot fathom how they got to be so big and capable.  But there it is.  Children grow up.  We can't see it happen, we just look up one day to realize their clothes have shrunk.... again.


Kelly Bartels said...

What a lovely post Sabrina.

Michelle said...

Oh my. This post choked me up. Right now the days are VERY long with my strong-willed nine-year-old (although we are having a very good Mother's Day).

Becky Utecht said...

Great post Sabrina, their growing up years go by so quickly. My two boys were 11 years apart and it still went by way too fast.